February 27, 2015

Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods 2) by Kyleigh Castronaro 5/5 stars

Hey, guys! So, earlier this year, I posted a review of Ode to the Goddess by Kyleigh Castronaro.  It was fantastic.  This book is its sequel, and it was also fantastic. You should read both of them because they are amazing, and you just need to.  LINK TO MY REVIEW!!!
The Cover:
The Cover:
The cover shows Valentina in what I believe is the Underworld.  There's a skull under her head.  It's an okay cover, but I generally don't like covers with models on them.  They tend to restrict imagination.  That being said, the cover is fine.  The more I think about the title Gods Save the Princess the cooler it seems.  It makes perfect sense after you read the book (no spoilers), and I like the use of "gods" since it is a book about Greek Mythology, after all.

Official Description:
In a world of Gods and mythologies Valentina still struggles to identify her own Goddess. Despite feeling out of place amongst others of her kind, nothing will stop her from protecting her friends from the dangers that begin to surround their new reign.
While grappling to name her inner Goddess, Valentina finds herself torn by the mysterious Griffin who leaves her frustrated and confused. She doesn’t understand the connection she feels toward him or why every time they start to get close he pulls away.
But relationships are the least of her problems when she’s kidnapped and trapped in the Underworld. Her Goddess has no choice but to awaken to help Valentina navigate her way through the doomed hallways of Hades and try to get back to Olympus before it’s too late for all the Olympians.
With a reluctant Goddess in her mind, Valentina fights to survive in a realm where death is the only outcome. Will history repeat itself or will the New Olympians write their own myths?

My Review:
I expected this book to start off right after Ode to the Goddess ended, but it didn't.  It actually started before.  This book led from Valentina's life before she realized that she was a Greek goddess to long after the first book ended (the ending was about 50% through the book). While at first I was a tad skeptical, I'm glad the author wrote it in this time frame.  This way we can fully understand Valentina's character and still manage to move onwards in the story.  
Let's talk about the plot.  It worked.  The plot flowed smoothly from event to event.  I was worried, excited, happy and all the other right emotions while reading.  I was fully immersed in the storyline and could not stop reading.  I went from thinking, "this should be good" to "Oh. My. Gods. I need more of this right now!" and then reading ravenously for as long as sleep, or lack of sleep, would allow.  I still think that I need more! I'm so glad that there's a book three.
The characters.  Valentina, our protagonist, was wonderful. She was complex and strangely relatable.  I just loved her character, and I imagine that you will too.  Griffin was also a very dynamic character.  While I wouldn't say that I "liked" him, he seemed real and, in a way, I felt for him.  I was a bit disappointed in how much Aidan/ Savannah were in book two.  They made guest appearances, but, while they weren't very relevant to the plot, I wish I could have seen more of them.  
Really, my only real issue with this book was Valentina's inability to understand who her goddess was.  I had worked it out almost immediately.  Also, I don't know what books she was using in her research, but I think most people looking into Greek mythology learn about Cerberus before Prometheus... Who knows?
I really loved this book.  I was absolutely entranced by its storyline and I got really into it.  I strongly suggest reading it, really for whatever reason you might have.  It was simply fantastic.

Happy Reading!

*Note: This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review*

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